Sunday, June 15, 2014

Shell Stitch Crochet Romper Pattern - Crochet Pattern Giveaway

Hello! Hello! Hello! So I am back at it, crocheting, trying to keep up with this blog! 

Still awake at this time of night, typically I would be in bed but I am so excited about completing a pattern I listed on Etsy....I love the way it came out! I am doing a giveaway for this pattern, the winner will be announced next Sunday, June 21st, 2014!

Pattern giveaway!  

For Instagram: Tag, follow, and repost for your chance to win. 

2nd chance to win on Facebook: Like my page and comment @ and comment: #instapatterngiveaway6/21 

Giveaway Pattern: Shell Stitch Romper Crochet Pattern 

Feel free to keep up with me on Etsy for any new is the link!

Stay tuned, can't wait to see who wins! 

Have a goodnight, ttyl! :)