Thursday, April 2, 2015


About a month ago I started to dye yarn on my own...while I was experimenting with all sorts of dyes I fell in love with the oldest dye of all! Indigo..

Blue has got to be the most relaxing color ever and sometimes it can be the most sad! However, I can honestly say that if blue is a shade in yarn, it will make any knitter or crochet addict the happiest person ever! Ha Ha Ha! It's true! Even if it's the ugliest yarn out there, any fiber addict will indulge and make it beautiful! I can see myself saying, "You're not ugly, baby...poor thing! Knits and Purls will set you just right!" lol

Anyway...I got it down packed and I am excited to share that I have a few skeins listed on my Etsy shop. I am still working on patterns! Don't worry! I'll add some soon! Winter is over where I'm located (NC) and we don't have much use for any winter thing ma gings but we can still build out post apocolyptic stash!

If you have some time, make sure to stop by here to see what I have to offer! I will be updating the shop as often as I can!

Have a great day everyone!
Naomi :)